• Meticulous and highly accomplished professional with 3 years of experience in Infosys Technologies Limited; as Technology Analyst, in Infrastructure Security domain, and as an Oracle DBA trainee.
  • B. Tech. with specialization in Computer Science and Engineering from Galgotias College of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida in 2014 with 81%.
  • Designed and developed Experiencestack.com  on PHP, HTML, CSS, JQUERY, SQL.
  • Researched, designed and implemented a new sorting algorithm as an academic project, List Sort Algorithm.
  • Research Paper published on a new algorithm for solving Subset Sum Problem in International Journal of Computer Applications.
  • Adept in database MONGODB. Scored 100 % marks in the training of MONGODB conducted by mongodb.org.
  • Attended 6 months Infosys training in Mysore, Karnataka – Best training campus in India.
  • Ran a startup ‘Stutor – a tutor finding platform’.
  • A creative thinker with good interpersonal, logical thinking & analytical abilities.
  • Highly ethical, dedicated and trustworthy.



Company: Infosys Technologies Limited
Current Role: Technology Analyst
Previous Roles: Senior Systems Engineer, Systems Engineer
Career Stream: Delivery
Career Sub Stream: Project Management


Project Details: The objective is to provide ‘school-administration-as-a-service’ platform which is hosted in Australia by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS infrastructure is designed by Infosys to help client improve management and reporting for nearly 500 primary and secondary Catholic schools.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Admin of McAfee ePO, tenable.io, Web Application Firewall, Traffic Manager and McAfee Vulnerability Manager.
  • Information Security Incident Management and Disaster Recovery Management.
  • Web application firewall configuration and monitoring.
  • Monitoring the vulnerabilities and threat events in the systems.
  • Coordinate with vendors (McAfee, Brocade, Nessus etc.) for the product updates, licenses and issues with the products.
  • End point security management with the help of McAfee antivirus, HIPS, McAfee ePO
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Involved in weekly status reporting and official meetings.
  • Documentation of infrastructure Security instruction document.
  • Responsible for Infrastructure team interaction and daily delivery of the deliverables.


Project # SOC (Security Operation Centre)
Project Details: Monitoring the security of Infosys network
Key Responsibilities:

  • To update the team with latest threats, vulnerabilities, attacks.
  • Generate report weekly and discuss the security issues with the team
  • Presentations on new threats and provide knowledge transfer sessions to the team


Project # Create and maintain database of CORAL (Infosys Training project)
Platform Used:
Key Responsibilities:

  • All the DBA responsibilities.
  • Create and maintain the database
  • Backup and Recovery of the database.



      Hands on experience in:

  • Infrastructure Security Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security (AWS)
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)
  • Web application development
  • Languages: PHP, Python, Java, C, SQL, HTML, JavaScript
  • Database: MONGO DB, MYSQL
  • IDE: Code Blocks, My eclipse, CODE BLOCKS
  • DBA Skills: Oracle, MYSQL
  • Security Tools: McAfee ePO, McAfee Vulnerability Manager, Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager, and Web Application Firewall, tenable.io, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention System
  • Data Tools: Splunk, Tableau
  • Other Tools & Platforms: WordPress, Google Analytics, cPanel, Google Search Console,
  • Operating Systems: WINDOWS/XP, 7, 8, 10




Project Title: ExperienceStack.com
Platform Used : PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL
Contribution : Design and development, promotion, HR management etc.
Description : ExperienceStack is a social networking website where people can share their experiences. There are plenty of features on ExperienceStack including user registration, hybrid authentication, view and maintain user profile, share posts, up vote and down vote, search, notifications, chat, follow users etc.



 Project Title: Design and implementation of List sort Algorithm
Platform Used: C for algorithm simulation
Contribution: Analysis, Research, and Coding
Description: Project was based on the research study of various sorting techniques and development of new sorting algorithm. We succeeded in the development of new dynamic sorting algorithm. List sort becomes much faster than some conventional comparison sorting techniques and comparable to Quick Sort and Merge Sort due to its dynamic nature.


Project Title: Design and implementation of Ads Algorithm
Platform Used: C for algorithm simulation
Contribution: Analysis, Research, and Coding
Description: This algorithm solves the Subset Sum Problem while taking less execution time. Complexity of Ads Algorithm is O( n2 * log(n) ).


Project Title: LabFile
Platform Used : PHP, HTML, CSS, MYSQL
Contribution: Design and development of the project
Description: The idea was to make all the programs available online for the computer science students as a reference lab file. On the website when the user searches for the particular program the application provides the link of program files as search results.



  • 2014 B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida with 81% marks.
  • 2008 12th from G. J. I. College, Lucknow with 77.2% marks.
  • 2006 10th from S. I. College, Lucknow with 66.5% marks.


  • Done management work at Journal of Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies (http://jacotech.org/).
  • Secretary in NGO Chandrashekhar Azad Bharatyoday Sewa Samiti.
  • Participated in ROBOTIC competition in ‘G-Quasar’11”.
  • Won the first prize in “Jeopardy” in college cultural “DAKSHA’2013”.



Date of Birth: 12 JUNE 1992
Nationality: Indian
Languages Known: English, Hindi.
Hometown: Lucknow
Current location: Chandigarh