Could dolphins be more intelligent than us?

I was struck with the idea when travelling to Morni Hills (a weekend getaway from Chandigarh ). On my way, I saw a baboon hanging on a tree branch with the help of it’s long tail. I wondered how strong their tails were. Millions of years ago we, humans , had a tail as a body part and it disappeared over time but the same become stronger for baboons. Interesting. right?

I gave deeper thoughts to this idea. The tail disappeared in humans because we never used it. What would have happened if we didn’t use our brains and simultaneously, the other species (apparently less smart) like dolphins or rats or elephants had focused on their brain and brainstormed for their survival. Could they have been more intelligent that us in this race? I’m talking about the ability to think and analyze, which is unique to humans.

Well, there was a possibility.

Let me elaborate on this with an example – Giraffe; probably the best example for evolution. The elongation in the neck of giraffe happened over time because of the environment around it. Giraffe shared habitat with other animals and faced competition with food. In order to get fresh leaves on top, it stretched its neck.

Similarly, I believe, humans – the most intelligent species on earth mostly focused on its brain in the race of evolution to survive.  We became more intelligent with time. The humans of today posses more power than their ancestors, the ones before Homo  sapiens, i.e., Neanderthals, Homo erectus, Homo habilis etc.

But the interesting question remains… why every species have a particular trait developed over time: monkeys strengthened their tails, giraffe elongated its neck, lions expertised in hunting ?

Maybe, the answer is one of the basic necessity for survival, FOOD. We didn’t have wings to fly or paws to kill. Also couldn’t run on two legs as fast as cheetah on four legs. So, we were only left with our mind. Our mind helped us get food. We invented sharp objects to kill – to acquire food, invented fire – to cook food, developed new crops – to eat variety.

It’s difficult to claim that in future Dolphins could be more or even as intelligent as we are in the current environment, because as dolphins evolve, so would humans. We continue to use our minds way better than any other species and now, we are competing with each other – humans against humans.

But isn’t it interesting to envisage this : dolphins flying an airplane and humans bathing  in the pond with hippos 😉 😛 😀


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Half of the things we fear, won’t happen

If you are thinking that there could be Aliens which are more powerful than us and could destroy us, doesn’t it also makes sense that there could be Aliens who could be more powerful than us and will protect us and guide us to the mysteries of universe and share their knowledge with us.

And if you are thinking that AI (Artificial Intelligence ) is an existential threat to the humanity and there would be a rogue AI which can take over the world in the future, doesn’t it also make sense that there would be a good AI to stop the former one? When AI will become more autonomous like humans in decision making, they will have to fight other AI(s) with other interests (negative or positive) and just like humans.

We are afraid of loosing our planet earth because we’re wasting natural resources recklessly but what if a meteor hits earth and destroys the half of the planet at once? So why not build a new earth in stock? Ultimately we need to find a new place to live or build one. But don’t worry about that, our scientists are already working on that.

What is the reason behind the fear? We don’t know the future and we are fearful of the things we don’t understand like Aliens. The future is uncertain. Anything could happen. And somethings will happen and somethings will not in  everything you are thinking afraid of happening.

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We are going to have our own navigation system, yey!

Yes in last 3 years we have developed our own navigation system IRNSS (Indian regional navigation satellite system) or you can call it नाविक (NAVIC – Navigation with Indian Constellation) it’s an operational name given by ISRO.

There was always a need for satellite navigation system to the country but an event made it inevitable. It was 1999, when Pakistan took positions in Kargil and USA could have provided the information through its GPS but USA denied to India.

ISRO launched last 7th satellite on 28th April 2016. There are 7 satellites and first one was launched on 1 July 2013. In which 3 satellites in GEO orbit and 4 satellites in GSE orbit at 36000 kms altitude. IRNSS will be offering 2 types of services, one is Standard Positioning Service (SPS) which will be for commercial use and second one is Restricted Services (RS) for military. SPS has accuracy of 20 meters means it can detect movement of object by less than 20 meters and RS has 10 meters which can detect movement of objects by less than 10 meters. Now all the satellites in orbit and it is expected that IRNSS will operate from June 2016 onwards.

India can keep close watch on its borders and 1500 kms beyond that. See in image, IRNSS will be covering Pakistan and China completely.


IRNSS coverage image

In the terms of Geopolitics, it’s better to have your own navigation system than to rely on the other countries. Because in the time of conflict and hostile situations other countries may deny the service. The navigation system can be used in guided missiles and bombs.

And these days navigation systems is also in demand for commercial and civilian domain. If you want to track someone’s position or want to reach a destination you need the navigation system. Many critical services and businesses depended on it.

Other countries which have their own navigation systems are: US which operates the Global Positioning System (GPS), Russia has its own GLONASS and European Union, Galileo. China is also in the process of building Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS).

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