Could dolphins be more intelligent than us?

I was struck with the idea when travelling to Morni Hills (a weekend getaway from Chandigarh ). On my way, I saw a baboon hanging on a tree branch with the help of it’s long tail. I wondered how strong their tails were. Millions of years ago we, humans , had a tail as a body part and it disappeared over time but the same become stronger for baboons. Interesting. right?

I gave deeper thoughts to this idea. The tail disappeared in humans because we never used it. What would have happened if we didn’t use our brains and simultaneously, the other species (apparently less smart) like dolphins or rats or elephants had focused on their brain and brainstormed for their survival. Could they have been more intelligent that us in this race? I’m talking about the ability to think and analyze, which is unique to humans.

Well, there was a possibility.

Let me elaborate on this with an example – Giraffe; probably the best example for evolution. The elongation in the neck of giraffe happened over time because of the environment around it. Giraffe shared habitat with other animals and faced competition with food. In order to get fresh leaves on top, it stretched its neck.

Similarly, I believe, humans – the most intelligent species on earth mostly focused on its brain in the race of evolution to survive.  We became more intelligent with time. The humans of today posses more power than their ancestors, the ones before Homo  sapiens, i.e., Neanderthals, Homo erectus, Homo habilis etc.

But the interesting question remains… why every species have a particular trait developed over time: monkeys strengthened their tails, giraffe elongated its neck, lions expertised in hunting ?

Maybe, the answer is one of the basic necessity for survival, FOOD. We didn’t have wings to fly or paws to kill. Also couldn’t run on two legs as fast as cheetah on four legs. So, we were only left with our mind. Our mind helped us get food. We invented sharp objects to kill – to acquire food, invented fire – to cook food, developed new crops – to eat variety.

It’s difficult to claim that in future Dolphins could be more or even as intelligent as we are in the current environment, because as dolphins evolve, so would humans. We continue to use our minds way better than any other species and now, we are competing with each other – humans against humans.

But isn’t it interesting to envisage this : dolphins flying an airplane and humans bathing  in the pond with hippos 😉 😛 😀


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