Half of the things we fear, won’t happen

If you are thinking that there could be Aliens which are more powerful than us and could destroy us, doesn’t it also makes sense that there could be Aliens who could be more powerful than us and will protect us and guide us to the mysteries of universe and share their knowledge with us.

And if you are thinking that AI (Artificial Intelligence ) is an existential threat to the humanity and there would be a rogue AI which can take over the world in the future, doesn’t it also make sense that there would be a good AI to stop the former one? When AI will become more autonomous like humans in decision making, they will have to fight other AI(s) with other interests (negative or positive) and just like humans.

We are afraid of loosing our planet earth because we’re wasting natural resources recklessly but what if a meteor hits earth and destroys the half of the planet at once? So why not build a new earth in stock? Ultimately we need to find a new place to live or build one. But don’t worry about that, our scientists are already working on that.

What is the reason behind the fear? We don’t know the future and we are fearful of the things we don’t understand like Aliens. The future is uncertain. Anything could happen. And somethings will happen and somethings will not in  everything you are thinking afraid of happening.

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